Mother Nature isn’t finished messing with the residents of Elgin County.

The Kettle Creek and Long Point Region conservation authorities each issued flood warnings today, their second in less than a week, as another low-pressure weather system threatens “significant” downpours over the next 36 hours. The flood watch issued Saturday by Catfish Conservation Authority continues.

Accumulations from the approaching Texas Low may range between 15-to-25 millimeters (mm), with the potential for another five-to-10 mm of rain from convective storm cells embedded in the system. Low-lying areas may experience flooding.

“Last week’s thaw and high-water event helped to clear out a lot of ice from the upper reaches of the watershed,” Kettle Creek Conservation Authority (KCCA) Water Conservation Supervisor Jennifer Dow said today. “However, there remains a significant ice jam in Port Stanley that is currently located at the lift bridge, with ice cover extending out to the outer harbour.”

Last week, warmer weather and rain brought accumulations of 25-to-35 mm, causing ice jams and flooding throughout the watersheds of Kettle, Catfish and Big Otter creeks. From 44-to-116 mm of water was also released from the snowpack.

“The timing and extent of flooding will depend on the amount of rain we receive (tonight) and into Tuesday, and how the remainder of the ice breaks up in Port Stanley,” added Dow. “Residents are advised to monitor local conditions and take appropriate precautions.”

Temperatures are expected to remain above zero, possibly into the low double digits. With the rain, the snowpack will continue to melt, increasing the risk of flooding. River ice cover that was weakened or moved during last week’s rainfall event may break up and cause ice jams.

“The public is reminded to stay away from the Lake Erie shoreline and all water bodies at this time,” said Dow. “All ice cover is weakened and unstable. Accessing frozen natural water bodies puts both the public and municipal first responders at risk.”