Dr Cole has been a summer resident of Port Stanley for the last 80 years. He was a medical researcher, teaching medicine and physiology at McGill University for many years. Twenty years ago, he and his wife retired to the old family summer cottage on Orchard Beach. He is the co-author, with Robert Burns, of a book entitled Port Stanley: The First Hundred Years.

Michael Baker, of Sparta, is Elgin County Museum Curator. Baker was Museum London’s regional history curator for 17 years before coming to Elgin in 2007. He is a historian, author, speaker, heritage advocate and former president of both Architectural Conservancy Ontario – London Region (ACO London) and Heritage London Foundation (HLF). Baker accepted a London Heritage Award in 2019, acknowledging his outstanding leadership and excellence in heritage conservation across the London region.

Frank is a retired history teacher.  With his wife, Nancy, as co-author, he has published 21 books on Great Lakes, regional and local history.  Their seven children were raised in Port Stanley.