The Colours on the Beach festival was held Saturday, July 9, 2002, in Port Stanley, organized by Indian Culture, of London, the Indo-Can Punjabi Cultural Association, of St. Thomas, and the South-Asian Association, of London.

Cultural dancer prepare for performance on the stage at Main Beach. Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the Festival of Spring, the Festival of Colours or the Festival of Love, celebrating the eternal and divine love of Rada Krishna. It also signifies the triumph of good over evil. It is mainly celebrated in India, but also other regions of Asia and parts of North America, through the South Asian diaspora.


Many Elgin County residents joined in the celebrations. Holi is a festive day to meet others, to play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships. Taylor Thain, of London, on the shoulders of Isaiah Friesen, of Aylmer, alongside Chantell Colef and Cole Friesen, both of Aylmer.

Tim Lobzon, of Ingersoll, was a changed man after joining the festivities on Main Beach.