Photographs courtesy Karen Segren

The investigation is ongoing into the cause of an oily slick on Kettle Creek in Port Stanley. The blueish, milky film appears to have dispersed today after lingering Tuesday and Wednesday from a point upstream of the King George VI Lift Bridge, south toward the harbour entrance on Lake Erie.

“The ministry takes all spills to the environment very seriously,” said Lindsay Davidson, a spokesperson for Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP). “Our role in the event of a spill or related emergency is to assess any environmental impacts and ensure the responsible parties clean up the spill and restore the environment.

“At approximately 1 p.m. on (Tuesday), the ministry received a call regarding a concern about a diesel sheen in Port Stanley Harbour,” added Davidson. “The ministry is currently attending the site and conducting an assessment.  We will have more information to share once the initial assessment is completed.”

Davidson was not immediately able to put a timeline on the investigation.

Port Stanley jazz artist Ed Finlan, also a sailor and Commodore at Port Stanley Sailing Squadron, reported the slick to Central Elgin Fire and Emergency Services. Central Elgin Fire Chief Ray Ormerod’s crew responded immediately, however, could not locate the source of the slick. Ormerod notified the MECP.

“Kettle Creek Conservation Authority staff are aware of the potential spill and have communicated with the municipality and the Elgin Primary Water Supply,” said Joe Gordon, KCCA’s Assistant Manager, Supervisor of Planning and Conservation Areas.

“The protocol is to advise the person who observed the spill in the creek to notify the MECP Spills Action Centre,” added Gordon. “KCCA has no jurisdiction on spills, but will assist MECP or the municipality, if requested.”


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