Photo courtesy of Katherine Thompson, Elgin County Manager of Administrative Services and Deputy Clerk.


The County of Elgin and the Township of Southwold have officially re-opened the Meeks Bridge. The bridge has been closed since April 2021.

Cutting the ribbon (left to right) are: Julie Gonyou, Elgin Chief Administrative Officer; Lisa Higgs, Southwold CAO; Grant Jones, Southwold Mayor; Tom Marks, Elgin Warden and Central Elgin Deputy Mayor; and Aaron Van Oorspronk, Elgin Senior Engineering Design and Construction Technologist.

The original single-span bridge, on Sparta Line, between Union Road and Roberts Line, was built in 1900. It was replaced with a two-lane structure reconstituted from the temporary panel bridge used in Port Bruce until the new Imperial Road Bridge opened in December 2020.

“This piece of infrastructure is critical to the transportation needs of our residents and they will now be able to safely utilize it for many years to come,” said Jones.