Photo by Katey Berzins

Skeptics of Port Stanley rejoice. You were correct. The reopening of the King George VI Lift Bridge in Port Stanley has been delayed – again – for “up to two weeks.”

Almost from the moment the project was announced, many locals raised long fury eyebrows whenever the bridge’s original May 2021 projected reopening date was mentioned.

Then – apparently due to the COVID-19 disruption – it was rescheduled to reopen on June 25, 2021.

And now, an Elgin County media release issued today states that due to “recent commissioning and testing activities,” adjustments were identified and “refinements … must be made to the bridge’s mechanical, electrical, and control systems before the bridge can safely reopen to the public.”

Enough said: the skeptics were right.

“Like all Port Stanley residents, I am eager to see the lift bridge reopen to the public,” said Elgin County Warden Tom Marks, “however ensuring the structure is in a safe condition before reopening is of utmost importance to County Council, even if it does take a little bit longer.”